The controversy over the 5G communication technology has intensified in recent days, after some have linked the situation to the coronavirus disease.

Already, some experts in the field of communication have linked this controversy to the competition between the United States and China, which is at the forefront in the production of the new technology.

We talked to communications expert aliyu musa iyatawa, who is known as Y.Z. Today. which refutes claims linking the technology to the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to him, the 5G technology, which is powerful and will provide the opportunity to send messages faster than its predecessors, namely 4G and 3G, will not lose the effects of radiation vapor that the eye cannot see, like any other a computer.

He said that the other counterparts of this technology that preceded it, all produce this steam.

However, according to him, all the computer devices that are created, are analyzed and their authenticity is confirmed for the community, before they are manufactured at the level of sale.

“Even this phone itself that we are talking to you through now, it is releasing the steam.

“However, what is happening is that it must be ensured that the amount that comes out of her body does not reach a harmful level.

“And this is the work of the agencies that are in charge of communication issues, such as ours here in Nigeria, that is the NCC Communications Commission.

“Even when the GSM mobile phone was first used, there was a similar issue.

“Well, this is the case every time a new communication technology comes out.

“This biased statement that the 5G device caused the COVID-19 epidemic started in the United States and then spread to Europe; it is only now that it has arrived in our countries”.

However, according to the expert, this statement is not true.

“Scientifically it is not true, it is just propaganda by opponents.

“The United States is among the countries that are working on the production of technology, but China has beaten all the other countries in this regard”, he said.

Y.Z. Ya’u urged the public to understand that; “There is no modern communication technology that is not harmful, but it must be ensured that it is provided with a protection method, before giving a license to export it”, he said.

“Then it should be known that any new technology that will come into this country must be assessed and given a license for it.

“And I think it is at this stage that the 5G technology is being discussed at the NCC board – it has not been reached to give a license”, said the expert.

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