Many women do not know that water is not the only thing that is used to wash the face with oil.

The face is one of the first things to be seen on a person’s body before anything else.

Therefore, the face must be given importance in fixing it.

Sleeping and makeup can cause acne breakouts especially if the cosmetics used are not expensive.

It is good to know what kind of cosmetics to put on the face.

Today, I bring you how to remove face cream.

It is good for women to go out less during the day when the sun is very hot so that it makes the face meet the sunburn.

She also gets sunburned before she separates from a man, because she changes the color of her skin a lot and puts on a lot of fat on her face.

Get good quality olive oil that has not been adulterated with anything else. Get water and a jar or a bottle to pour the mixture into.

Then pour olives in one spoon (as much as you want) and the water in a bottle. The bottle can be filled with olive oil and water.

Then close the bottle and its packaging and shake well so that the mixture comes together.

It is good to test the oil mixture on the skin of the hand. Because her skin is not suitable for this, acne will appear.

Then draw ghazal on the skin of the hand and mix the mixture and wipe it off. If after 30 minutes no side effects are seen, then it can be used on the face. After it’s done, close the bottle.

Every time the mixture is to be used, the bottle should be shaken so that the mixture is mixed.

Then get a cotton ball and dip it in the mixture and wipe the face with it, by doing this I prevent acne breakouts on the face.

You can use facial wash every day before going to bed, then wipe your face with this mixture.


It is believed that a person who has a lot of sweat on his face, especially on his nose, is said to be in trouble.

Facial sweating is medically known as ‘hyperhidrosis’ and it causes excessive facial sweating; such as on the nose, forehead, upper lip, neck, etc.

You will see someone who has a lot of sweat without doing any work.

There are many things that make the face sweat, such as people with diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, depression, etc.

Women who like to beautify themselves will hate facial sweat because it spoils their makeup.

There is no cure for facial sweating, but there are simple ways that you can follow to get relief.


 Avoid eating foods that contain peppers or spices

 Drinking a lot of tea makes your face sweat, but you can drink a lot of water to help wash away all the oil from your body.

 Reduce the use of greasy creams because these types of oils will increase the number of sweat spots on the face.

Look for a non-greasy oil for your face.

Eating fruits and vegetables such as; lettuce, spinach, etc. will reduce facial sweat.

Get some vinegar and mix it with good honey that is not mixed with sugar and drink it three times a day before you eat.

You can get ‘mistletoe’ leaves and boil it with water for about 15 minutes and drink it to reduce facial sweating.

Wheat gum is good for reducing facial sweat. Boil it, then drink the water because the wheat gum contains Vitamin C and Vitamin B-12 to reduce oiliness and sweat on the face.

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