Ointment has many side effects especially for the ‘daughter’.

1. The first changes a woman’s skin color. Unscented skin provides protection against infections and other bacteria that threaten the skin. Natural leather gives a woman a shield from the heat.

After menstruation, a woman will be more sensitive, unable to walk in the sun because she will feel as if she is being given hot water, because her natural skin is protected from the heat.

2. Secondly, cancer patients do not get protection from cancer, which is a terrible and difficult disease, it is not usually treated.

It is a disease that affects parts of the human body, usually amputations. All of this originated as a result of bleaching.

3. The blender will lose energy. If she can work for three hours without getting tired, then she will not be able to work for two hours, which will lead to disability. instead of finding obesity revenge is found.

4. Not only do the effects of ointments stop, there are many harmful and frightening side effects. For example, bleach causes stomach ulcers, commonly known as olsa (ulcer), which is usually treated as malnutrition. These include the destruction of all other vital parts of your body, both visible and invisible, such as:

· Liver.

· Dig.

· Hunhu and others.

All of these suffer as a result of the effects of bleaching. Please be observed.

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