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Guests or new smartphone users should know that this type of phone is warmer and different from the smaller phones used in the past. We know that smartphones are electronic devices, so to keep the chickens warm you know it is not a big problem. But if the chicken is so hot that you fear it could damage it, or it hurts and you fear it could explode or even curse its users then you should kill it, because that is what we are going to do. that’s a discussion. Although most of what I am going to say is stronger for Android / smartphones because they are almost the most used in our continent of Africa especially North Nigeria today.

Where does the wire get hot?

The first thing we should keep in mind is where does the phone start to get hot? Although not everyone can observe or pay attention, it may be caused by a battery or a phone charger. But let’s identify the areas where the phone can take heat or where it can be seen that the phone is hot and not warm because there is a difference.

The pain may be less than a charging area

Sometimes you will find the phone does not get hot or starts to warm up after you put it in the charger, this problem goes away when the person is using a charger that is not the original that the phone came with. Because many people do not understand that not every charger charges every type of phone even if they have the same mouth even if they are the same company and the phone is very different from the phone. The phone is called Direct Current for storing electricity in the battery of a phone or laptop as well as similar devices that use batteries to operate. Each phone has its own power supply that needs to be replaced. That’s why you get a cell phone if the charger is borrowed and it takes several hours for the phone to charge, and another charge for a short time. So this is a big problem because using a stolen phone charger charges the battery itself and also loses the engine that monitors the power input in the cell phone. But this tells us that if we find our phone is taking heat from the charger, we should get a charger like the phone or we should follow come as we say, if we try and see that it is not hot or cold then we have realized the problem. If we try to find out that it is still hot, it shows whether the battery is recharging, or from a charging point where the charger itself is connected.

After the phone is hot

Whenever you feel the body of your phone, that is, the battery, you should know that it is not the phone that has the problem, the battery of the phone is the cause of the heat in the phone. So if you make sure you get a battery like hers and put it on and try it out if you feel this battery is not hot then go and buy a new one and change it and if it does it you will get another one and copy the ones that are yours. .

Heating back but top of battery

If you look at the phone being hot on the back but notice that it is not from the battery compartment, it is possible that the phone itself is hot. If so, let me list some places we can touch on to find out where the pain originates.

The phone heats up by listening to the speaker

Sometimes you will hear if you are on the phone and your ears get hot through the speaker then such a situation is not the heat and burning of your ears is felt this heat can affect the health of your brain so every time you answer the phone in If you have a hot ear, change the phone or look for a good headset that you can buy and use.

Damaged Battery

Bad or damaged batteries cause a lot of heat in our phones which is also one of the major independent problems. If you are sure that your phone battery is starting to break down by seeing it leaking or is slightly swollen then you need to remove it from your phone and replace it. We know that using an inflated battery is very dangerous because it can start a fire or catch fire at any time, and this can cause many deaths or property damage because it is a very dangerous thing to break.

The screen is hot

Sometimes you will find that if you are answering the phone the face of the phone is getting hot, then if that happens there are some things we should list which we should do to prevent our phone from doing this face heat is as follows.

Hidden Causes The phone gets hot that you don’t know about

Since we have mentioned some of the ways in which the phone can be detected by actual heat, let’s break down some of the things or ways that make the phone hot that not everyone understands.

Several applications are running at the same time

Sometimes not the same things we listed earlier        

They keep the phone warm all the time, turn on the phone application and leave it on even though it sometimes makes the phone hot. So it is good that every time a person feels his phone is getting hot he opens his Application Manager and deletes the open application this will help him a lot. There are some special applications that do this kind of work even though they have their own problem but we have to find an application that does this kind of work to help our phone.

Work Heavy and long and time consuming

There is no doubt that Android phones are a great place to use them especially when we consider the features that can be used, such as tying them to a heavy video, or watching a long video, or tying a heavy game and use it in other ways, for listening to audio reading or entertainment, for surfing the internet and checking emails and so on and all on this little mobile phone that never goes beyond sitting in the palm of your hand. Therefore, we know that watching or listening to heavy objects can make the phone very hot, especially if it is held in our hands because of the heat of the hand holding it and the heat itself, so it is better to avoid pushing our phones. and watching long videos or playing heavy games especially those that require a higher configuration where to use them or tie them to our mobile phones.

Lack of ventilation

One of the main causes of overheating is the lack of heat, which is one of the main reasons why the phone is heated, to name a few.

Sakata in Pocket

Sometimes our phones get hot because of the amount of wear we carry in our pockets. We used to put our hands in our pockets to keep warm when it was cold outside. Well, it’s good that every time you put your phone in your pocket and you feel it start to get hot, then you pull it out for a while so that it can breathe. This will greatly help prevent the phone from being damaged or caught in a fire or other similar problems.

Wear a Wire

Jackets help keep the phone from exploding or leaking water, but if we do not have a proper cell phone, it can help keep the phone warm. There are places where the phone is used for breathing or ventilation so if there is no specially made cloth for the phone there can be no major problem God forbid.

Old Application

Leaving the old application on the phone may encounter a new process on the phone which may cause the phone to overheat. That’s why 60% of African phones, especially our Hausa ones, use an application that someone downloads on their phone and they don’t come to download it directly. Sometimes you will find someone using the application but someone else has installed it and has never been on the internet nor updated the application. Leaving old applications in the phone may cause the phone to overheat.

Lack of Phone Break

We know that the phone needs a break like my dam even if it is for a few minutes, if you are one of those who turn on the phone does not turn off every time it turns on, if its battery is almost exhausted then you connect it to charging then sometimes the break can be bring heat problem or other problems.

Wire and Water Combination

If you know that sometimes you go to the bathroom with a wire, or the rain beats down and the phone is with you, or the water does not fall into the liquid, then even repairing the phone is possible. The phone gets very hot, because the combination of water and electrical equipment can cause a lot of problems. There is a small piece of paper hidden at the bottom of the battery compartment or when you open the phone cover it is called an LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator). The advantage of this leaflet comes first if the water gets into your phone it will change to another color.


In some cases, hardware that can be seen on the body of a phone can also cause the phone to become hot when it starts to have problems.

Remove unwanted or unused system

This is one of the major problems that many people do not understand when using mobile phones, there are some programs in the phone that we do not always use. Examples are mobile wallpapers, custom wallpapers, weather app applications and so on. So these kinds of applications are good and if we don’t use them we will stop disabling them.

Things not to do when the phone gets hot

Do not let your phone get hot or it will burn or catch fire

n ice. We do not recommend doing this because you know that the phone and water will slow down, and the cold from the ice will return, and will cause great damage to the phone.

The phone just kept burning

So if you tried everything we listed for you in this lesson but the phone didn’t stop working, then if the bottom of the phone says you sold it and bought a new one or its warranty is not valid for a year you can return it to the phone company. That is why it is a good idea to always buy such products from big dealers because it will help the place if the phone has a problem they can pick it up and replace it with a new one. But on the condition that you do not intentionally damage it, or you do not reach the repair engineers to get it.


The heat from a cell phone can be dangerous to the public, to those who are with them, and it is important that we keep an eye on the condition of our phones to protect ourselves and our property.

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