Every part of the human body needs special care to increase its elasticity and quality but there are some areas that require extreme care, hair is one of the most important parts of the body,

 no matter how much hair it needs to be washed over time. Time is not what some people are accustomed to, and hair washing soap that is suitable for your type of hair (details can be found on the body of the soap) Although women are less likely to read the body so some do not than washing their hair not to speed up the spill, but it needs to be watered at least once or twice in two weeks.

Before washing your hair, if there are any abnormalities, it should be thoroughly cleaned, as well as scrubs and ticks should be treated so that they do not develop after washing and damage the hair. Then there is the need to seek treatment for acne, special ticks.

After washing the hair, let it soak for a few minutes. If you prefer fat, after washing and applying oil, apply it on time and it will not be sour. That is, it should be left on after washing for a week or more without rinsing, and it should not be left on for two weeks without rinsing. If you do not like fat, you should always sit down and comb your hair with the appropriate amount of oil, and then tie it with a ribbon just the way you want it.

If so, it would be good after a month of steaming, which will prevent it from leaking. If you are interested in retourching your hair, you also need to do it every two months. If your hair is strong, do it about once a month.

Shampooing in less than a month, experts say, is a possible cause of hair loss due to excessive combustion. After all, there are some hair sprays that you can spray on your hair, to make it smell special and you should know that the perfumes it does for you do not necessarily work for you, everyone has their own color. Just like everyone else’s skin color so be very careful when choosing the right one for your hair.

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