How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Winter

Every part of the human body requires special care to increase its weight and quality, but there are some areas that need special care. Time is not what some people say, and the soap that suits the type of hair you have (you will see this information written on the body of the soap). Do not wash your hair because it does not fall out, but there is a need to wash it at least once in two weeks.

Even before the hair is washed, if there is lice, it should be thoroughly cleaned, as well as those with scabies and ticks, it is good to get treatment so that it does not have to be washed and it keeps damaging the hair. Then there is a need to seek treatment for ants, ticks in particular.

After washing the hair, it should be left to air for a few minutes, you don’t want to go to wet hair because doing so will cause some problems, and then you should apply oil that is suitable for the hair. If you like fat more, after you wash and apply oil on it, go around the one you like in time so it doesn’t turn sour. That is, it should be left after washing for a week or more without being killed, so it should not be more than two weeks without lying down. If you don’t want to be greasy, you have to comb your hair every day and apply some oil to it, then tie it with a hair band (Ribbon) as you like.

If so, it would be good to go to the salon every month and do what is called steaming, this will prevent it from shedding. If you are interested in shampooing your hair (retourching), you also need to repeat it every two months. If your hair is strong, you will do it like once a month.

The more you shampoo in the days less than a month, experts say that there is a possibility of hair loss due to the amount of burning that is done. After you finish all these, there is a hair perfume that you can spray your hair with, so that it will make it smell special and you should know that the wax that he did for someone else is not for you, everyone has his color. Everyone looks at their skin, so be very careful in choosing the one that suits your hair.

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