In fact, the face is one of the most important areas to be considered because once a person is seen, it is the first thing they look at. Most people complain that their skin color changes in a matter of hours without knowing the process.

There are countless factors that contribute to this, such as the amount of sun exposure, the amount of oil applied, the amount of face polish and strong ingredients, the amount of cosmetics that cover the airways and so on.

Insha’Allah, in today’s world of technology, we are going to come up with a few options for easy skin care.

In fact washing the face from time to time is very effective. It is not necessary to take a bath or ablution alone. It is good even when sleeping. wind and then causes other problems such as:

– Pull Kyasbi in the face

– Pull the bump on the face

– It reduces beauty especially for a woman

– Pull Tabo etc.

Many women do not bother to take a bath at night before going to bed. One day, after going out to talk to her boyfriend at night, she would go home and go to bed without washing her face or taking a bath.

In the same way, when you go to the other side of the men, when you take a bath in the morning, you go out to look for it after you have recovered from the sun, and then you go to bed like a sack of onions. So we have to change it completely, wash our face from time to time because doing so is very beneficial for our health. Some of them include:

– Washing the face or bathing before going to bed provides a calming effect, allowing air to pass through the pores of the beautiful face which in turn promotes a good night’s sleep.

– When a person lies down without washing his face, the blemishes on his face accumulate and sometimes cause the appearance of acne, which must be done very seriously before they can be removed.

– It is good to wash the face with a good facial soap, because the face is not as full of bugs as other parts of the senses.

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